Pharos Digital Books and NSDevil Co., (KOREA Firm) collaborated together to apply global standardized computerized test method (UBT) for University and Vietnam national examination. UBT technology has been used in more than 10 countries across the South-East Asia area as well as countries like Taiwan, Korea, Hongkong and Mongolia because of its excellency in stabiloity and security, space-saving, cost-reducing and network-resource. The UBT technology is to apply in Vietnam market in order to reform the University exam and national exam test.



Basic Set Advanced Set Expanding Set
50 UBT Tablets 100 UBT Tablets 200 UBT Tablets
4 Smart Tray 7 Smart Tray 13 Smart Tray
1 Relay Server 2 Relay Server 4 Relay Server
1 Wireless AP 2 Wireless AP 4 Wireless AP
1.520.000.000đ 2.300.000.000đ 3.860.000.000đ

(*) VAT excluded